Well onTarget®

Well onTarget is our suite of integrated wellness offerings designed to help you reach your wellness goals. It includes personalized tools and resources to support your health and wellness.


June Challenge Spotlight

Personal Challenges in Well onTarget are a great way to jumpstart or maintain your health and wellness goals.

Plank It Out
Having a strong core can help with posture and balance. It helps protect your back from injury and makes everyday chores easier. Over the next two weeks, set a goal to plank for one minute every day. Goal: Complete a one minute plank every day for the next two weeks.

Check out the video below for a brief overview of all of these tools:

Well onTarget

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    NARRATOR: Well onTarget provides personalized support on your journey toward wellness. It is built around you and your health and wellness needs. You start with an interactive

    Health Assessment that leads to a wellness plan designed just for you. Online courses...trackers and tools...and in-depth educational content help you work toward your goals.

    Wellness is a team effort. So Well onTarget connects you with people who can help. You can talk to a dedicated health coach, print a health report to share with your doctor, or get encouragement from your friends by sharing your progress on social media.

    As you engage in healthy activities, you can earn points or other incentives. Use those incentives to choose healthy items. Or redeem your points for one of thousands of items in the Well onTarget Shopping Mall.

    Well onTarget rewards you for all of your hard work. But the biggest reward...is a healthier you.

    Visit wellontarget.com to get started.

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